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Comics: Starts and Ends

So I have been reading three comic book series since about last year I believe. I, Vampire, Hellblazer and Justice League Dark.  Both I,Vampire and Hellblazer just recently ended. ( I,Vampire was canceled after 19 issues and Hellblazer had 300 issue run, but it got rebooted so the main character can join the main DC universe.)  I, vampire had interesting character arcs, with a major Dynamic shift halfway through the series,  The art was a Dark Gothic style with heavy shadows. The ending....i don't really like, it takes a character driven comic and changes it into a stop (blank) from resurrecting (blank) or the world will end.  But then again the authors were probably rushed when they found out about the cancellation.  As for Hellblazer ....I'll talk about that one as soon as i find the last 5-7 issues that i need.

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