Phillip Samuel Minter
Phillip Samuel Minter Photography


Umbra is the Italian word for Shadow.  Horror and surreal fiction has always been a strong part of my life.   Not knowing something has always been scary, but curiosity has always been a stronger force then fear.  At least to me.

Italian Horror cinema made during the 1970s and 80s employed a strong use of color to show moods. While this was not always subtle, it didn't show everything there was about the moment.  A strong use of reds, greens, blues and other colors created this sense of surrealism.

You are my audience and Iā€™m the director/writer of this Anthology of Mysteries.    What do you think is going on?  Sometimes the answer is a psychopath; sometimes it is just in your head.  But I want you to enjoy yourself while you are in this space.