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Ramble: Competiton and Friendships

So I have been watching this show called Strip Search, which is a competition between several Web Comic Artists.  The show is very good and will keep your attention and amazingly does not fall into the trap that most completion shows do of having the contestants at each other throats and plotting against each other, they are actually very civil.  Also after every elimination the judges actually go and talk to the loser and give him/her advice !  I think this is very positive view point then another art show competition that I watched sometime ago called Work of Art, that was on Bravo.  From what I remember from it is two things.  One of the winners came from ECU.  (She gave a lecture about her experience as a grad and the journey to the show, she was very nice. ) and some of the artists filled Artists or Reality TV stereotypes.  Which is never really any fun.  With the Strip Search the cast became friends and saw each others as peers, connections and realized that even if they lose they have gain allot of exposure.  SO in short Strip Search, Good show, go watch it.  A very Good representation of Artists and community.

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